Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mommy, I Wanna Stay At Home :(

Today, Ihsan is at 63 days of life (DOL).
The 1st time I took him out when he was at D10OL.
Tu tak kira la sebab we went to hospital to check blood for jaundice (kuning).

The 2nd time, when he was at D37OL.
Ha??? Belum habis pantang kau dah keluar???
Yes, I was. I insisted to go out sebab mommy dah sihat (without thinking of the baby ofcos).
Bagi alasan -> nak beli stroller.
Mase tu CNY. Tensen la mommy cuti panjang2 tapi kena duduk rumah je.
(ei ape mommy mommy ni? geli I tau...)

And it failed :( Ihsan was not ready.
Letak dalam stroller, nangis.. Mama dukung, nangis.. Dalam kereta, nangis..
Bagi BF je senyap. naseb bek saya terer bagi BF sambil berjalan. LOL.

The 3rd time, he was at D41OL. Mama bawak Ihsan gie cucuk je.
Tapi macam bese la while waiting for our turn to see doctor, Ihsan bunyi2 so mama kena la BF untuk bagi Ihsan diam.

The 4th time, we went balik kampung to Sabak Bernam when he was at D44OL.
2 hours plus journey. Haruslah Ihsan tak duduk diam. Haru betul...

The 5th time, he was at D50OL. Ni betul2 dah abis pantang kan?
Are you ready boy? Mama wants to bring you to see the world.

Pagi tu bawak gie Giant for groceries shopping.

Put him in the ring sling which I bought 3 years ago for Irfan and only used it for less than 5 times ^_^
Still, it didn't work either.. Have to BF him all the way in Giant to make him calm.
That evening, went to fren's house for potluck.
Walaupun ek ok ek ok dalam kereta, luckily when arrived there Ihsan baik je main2 bila letak kat bawah.

The next day, I brought him out to AEON Rawang.
Because ring sling didn't work the previous day, mama used stroller.
Rugi beli mahal2 kalau tak guna nih.... And still, huhu.... very sad, so tak nak cakap pape OK.
But the worst thing was, on the way back home, Ihsan mengamuk sakan dalam kereta till we arrived home and I managed to put him inside buaian. Pengsan mama tau. Ihsan penat sangat kot.

From that moment I swear that I will never bring him out till he is ready physically & mentally. Cewah... Macam kau tau je kan bila dia nak ready.... Huhu.
I would say that he is still very young and prefer to stay and lying down at home.
Tak macho betul. Cessss.... Tapi comel tak pe.

Waaa.... rugi la maternity leave mama. Ingat nak holiday. Huhu~

For my 2, I considered expensive gears, I will make sure they serve their function well.
Practice makes perfect yoo! Have to try them again & again T_T

Tomorrow we are going to Bagan Serai, 3 hours plus journey. 
My baby please behave OK. I am begging you la....

MODE sangat jeles tengok anak orang lain tido lena terlentuk dalam carrier mahupun stroller ~

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