Sunday, June 7, 2015

The BEST Phone For Selfie

I bought a new phone. Yes. Sebab? It was a long story and I will write about it in multiple entries.

What I want to tell about my new phone is.... it is the BEST phone for selfie so far that I ever had. Definitely better than Note 3, my previous phone. The front camera is 13MP with flash and the back camera is 13MP as well.

My first selfie picture.

- With husband - 

- Family wefie -

Other pictures.

- Gang wefie -

- With husband wefie -

- Family wefie -

 In a hall, with flash.

When I bought this phone, I told the salesman that I just want to use FB, IG, WA and camera function. And he suggested 2 phones. Finally I choose to buy this phone besides better camera function, it also WATERPROOF.

For those whom is looking for an android with good camera function and for those who likes taking selfie or wefie, this is the phone I MUST RECOMMEND.



Image result for thumb up

Hopefully this phone stays with me for long time.

My MOG Entrance Exam Result

Its been a long long month... and as expected... =(

I know there are several reasons behind it.

Yes. Not enough preparation. I took less than a month to study. And yet expecting to pass?? Not fair for those yang dah berbulan2 bertungkus-lumus kan?

I am not ready. They said, just take it and you will be ready for the next chapter in your life. But I am still not ready till now. In my last entry I told you that I still do not know whether to apply for master in case I pass my exam, right? Remember? Let say if I pass but I do not apply for master. So I will reduce the chances of those who really wants to do master. So, better get ready next time.

I stressed-up myself when I did not have enough time to study. Which saya sendiri yang salah sebab tak study awal2. When I stressed, I easily get irritated. I scolded my kids when they tried to get nearer to me. I even scolded suami If he did not take care of kids when I tried to study. Then I blamed him for not being supportive while I was trying to study. No BARAKAH at all in what you was doing. What have I done? 

I think that less than a month duration while I was trying to study, me = incredible hulk.

Image result for argh face

They said, most people did not pass in their 1st attempt. If I pass my 1st attempt, I think my HIDONG WILL BE KEMBANG SEMANGKUK. So Allah do not want be to become riak. HE wants me to keep remember HIM. Always looks down.

So, basically I was not ready. My kids were not ready. My husband also not ready. I will try to be ready next time before I decide what to do in my life.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tasik Biru Kundang

I have been staying in Rawang for almost half a year. Yet I never went to Tasik Biru Kundang. I only heard from pepople that it is a beautiful place. 

This morning suddenly my kawan2 taman WA group informed that there was a bad traffic jam from Rawang plaza tol up to Sungai Buloh. It is because only one lane is opened on the highway which heading to Kuala Lumpur. Can they think properly or not?? At this time?? So I waze to get an alternative route to my workplace. It was my first time driving through this area that passed by Kundang area and the Tasik Biru Kundang.


(picture not from my hp)
But tak dapat tengok betul2 coz I was driving. 

Suami, next time lets go for picnic & take picture there OKIE =)