Sunday, June 7, 2015

My MOG Entrance Exam Result

Its been a long long month... and as expected... =(

I know there are several reasons behind it.

Yes. Not enough preparation. I took less than a month to study. And yet expecting to pass?? Not fair for those yang dah berbulan2 bertungkus-lumus kan?

I am not ready. They said, just take it and you will be ready for the next chapter in your life. But I am still not ready till now. In my last entry I told you that I still do not know whether to apply for master in case I pass my exam, right? Remember? Let say if I pass but I do not apply for master. So I will reduce the chances of those who really wants to do master. So, better get ready next time.

I stressed-up myself when I did not have enough time to study. Which saya sendiri yang salah sebab tak study awal2. When I stressed, I easily get irritated. I scolded my kids when they tried to get nearer to me. I even scolded suami If he did not take care of kids when I tried to study. Then I blamed him for not being supportive while I was trying to study. No BARAKAH at all in what you was doing. What have I done? 

I think that less than a month duration while I was trying to study, me = incredible hulk.

Image result for argh face

They said, most people did not pass in their 1st attempt. If I pass my 1st attempt, I think my HIDONG WILL BE KEMBANG SEMANGKUK. So Allah do not want be to become riak. HE wants me to keep remember HIM. Always looks down.

So, basically I was not ready. My kids were not ready. My husband also not ready. I will try to be ready next time before I decide what to do in my life.

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