Monday, August 3, 2015

Homemade Products By Yayah

I heard on these products in Safiyya TV9.
Syabas anak Malaysia. Syabas bangsaku.
Saya kagum with people yang berbisnes.
What can I do is supporting them.

I bought these 3 products and gonna put on my reviews on them.

1. Lip Scrub.
I dun like my lips to be dry after using wrong lipsticks. I am no longer rajin to apply lipbalm before applying any lipstick even though I knew it gonna help my lips to stay moist. Sungguh malas walaupun saya tau nak cantik perlukan kerajinan. Haha. So this is my solution. These were my 1st ever lip scrubs. I bought peach and grape flavour. I love both flavours. When using the scrubs, I could tasted the kemanisan scrub itu. Then memang my lips jadi lembut & moist. But I dun think it really works for me. Even though I use it everyday pun macam sama saje. But anyway, I really love the smell & flavour. Memang rasa nak makan je scrub tu. Hehe.

2. Face Mist.
Memang mengade je nak beli. I am not really sure what it is for or when to use it. Rasanya to keep your face moist and segar bugar gitu. I bought jasmine flavour and I love the smell so much. Now I use it to replace my toner bila malas nak sapu toner dengan face cotton. Sebab easier main spray2 gitu. Boleh ke? Kadang2 tibe2 nak spray pun boleh sebab I really love the smell. So soft. Yes, your face kalau tengah dry memang rasa segar after you use the face mist.

3. Body Scrub.
Actually I was looking for this from the beginning. Sedang mencari2 body scrub yang best dan murah. Among the flavours available I choose green tea coz I preferred bau2 natural or herba2 ni. When using it, memang I love how it rubbed onto my skin. Rasa macam kotoran & daki2 badan tu semua hilang dan kulit rasa lembut je 2-3 hari macam tu. Basically I was satisfied with this product. But one thing yang I dun like is for me it is too oily & greasy. Lepas mandi can see the bathroom floor macam kena simbah oil and sticky. I understand that the purpose of the oily material is to keep your skin stay moisture, but I just dun like it. To overcome this, I use the body scrub first followed by normal shower foam. Next I am thinking of trying the coffee body scrub. Maybe the texture is not as greasy as this body scrub. I hope so.  

 Anyone wanna try these products?
Check their IG - homemadebyyayah & FB - Homemade By Yayah.

Banyak lagi other products like lipbalm, masker face scrub, serum and all of them are naturally made.

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