Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Irfan Last Day At School

School holiday started on 22nd Nov 2o14. But Irfan started his school holiday 2 days earlier. Initially we planned to move out from the quarters on 22nd itself. But changed of the plan made because we were had another plan on 22nd Nov.

Irfan started his school day as usual. But when I fetched him, he seemed reluctant to leave his school. Ye la... Irfan quite connected to his teachers. Most of the teachers knew him coz he talks a a lot and asks a lot from teachers.

Thus, I gave him sometime to play in his school on his last day.

I am not sure whether Irfan can feel it or not. But I am sure that he gonna miss this place a lot. I make this entry for him so that he can at least have some memories about this place.

TQ all the teachers from LC, TSB Sungai Buloh.


  1. Aslm,maaf nk bertnya ok Little caliph tsb ni? Sya nk registere next year.bnyk tmpt dh survey.maklum la bru first time nk anta klu sudi kongsikn

    1. alhamdulillah.. setakat ni saya puas hati. sebab tu tahun ni pun mmg hantar ke little caliphs juga