Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dia Kawanku

I knew her when I was in my 2nd posting of my housemanship.
When I left HSB after housemanship, we still kept in touch once in a while.
When I came back to HSB, more specifically O&G department, HSB, she was there.
It is one of the reason I chose to be here, besides my interest in this field.

So, we met again this year.
But for only for a while.....

She had gone through so many things here.
It is not easy to be in this department.
So, for the petition "Hanya Dr Wanita Di Dewan Bersalin", which I don't want to give any comment on it, do be in our position, our husband's position & our family's position first.

Back to the main story, recently she resigned from government.
What can I say is, she sacrifices her dreams for the sake of her family.
Furthermore, she is pregnant her 2nd child at this moment.
I pray for the best for her family, future & her career.

She gave me this and a special treat before my confinement :)
I'm so ashamed that I did not prepared anything for her.... sad.. sad...

This is our picture during her farewell.

Till we meet again.

I never saw her more happy than this after she made the decision.
May ALLAH bless her & her family.

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