Sunday, December 15, 2013

Monday Blues

Monday blues...

Sebelum ni tak pernah rasa. Tapi arini betul2 rasa Monday blues.
Sebab? Tunggu baby tak keluar2.
Mama dah tak sabar nak cuti 3 bulan ni baby...

Baby, when you will show up?
Bersabar lah wahai hati....

And for those with Monday blues today, I always find this is very true... 

Sebab Monday is the Klinik Sakit Puan day, which I'm not really interested in and I do not really familiar with the management either.
If it is the Klinik Ibu Mengandung like any other day, it should be OK for me.

But Haneem, you choose to be here. Don't complaint.
OK Sir!

 So now....


: : Please love Monday : :

For my little one inside

The end for the day.
Cheer up Haneem!

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