Thursday, September 26, 2013

Doctor's Prayer

Anyone can do mistakes. But in my profession, if we do mistake, patient can die. Thus, doctors are regarded as GOD. Means, zero mistakes, or PERFECT. But we are humans.

I admit it. It was my mistake. I missed diagnosed it, an ectopic pregnancy. I send patient home, she continuosly bleed and came back with Hb of 3.6g/dL. She nearly died. I regretted it a lot.

I always remind myself to learn from my mistakes. But I don't want myself to make a huge mistake that can result in patient's death before I can learn something. But it happens to certain doctors. This is the risk doctors has to take. Housemen fight for 60 hours of working hours per week as long working hours can result in mismanagement of patients. So how about us, the one who suppose to take responsibility on patients? We say nothing because we believe it is part of our learning process.

I am still new in this department. I still need to learn a lot of things. Hopefully after this I will be more careful. More scared. And like what my specialist said, only believes in yourself. I pray everyday that ALLAH will guide all my decisions. AMIN.

About 2 months later, I saw a case. Upon putting the ultrasound probe, I immediately knew the diagnosis. Then I called my boss. "Boss, I got one ectopic case for you". He saw that patient, the diagnosis was confirmed and patient went for salphingectomy that night. I guessed ALLAH already heard my prayer. And I have learned from my mistakes. Still, so many things to learn in my life & career.


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