Monday, April 7, 2014

Budak Baru Short Film - Are You Ready To Become A Doctor??

For those yang nak memahami kerjaya kami...
For those yang akan bekerja bersama kami..

Please... Please... Please...
Watch this.... It helps a bit...

But believe me, my 1st day as a houseman is more worst than this.
My specialists are more sarcastic than this.
And my MOs are far far more garang than this :(

But, not all.... Some of them are nice. Dun worry.
Just please be prepared for the worse.

And not to forget, my HO colleagues are FANTASTIC.
We worked together as a team.


Ofcos on the early days as a houseman, the concept of 'bullied' is always there.
It is for your own good. Everybody said it. LOL =p

This video brings back my memory as a houseman.
And this video brings back my memory when working in PKKN (where the film takes place).

TQ for the director & producer.

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